Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Read the News Yesterday, Oh Boy

Tuesday, October 7,

For the Record:

Today’s Headlines:

Fears of world recession deepen
Plummeting markets indicate limits to government’s power to


Already, new state budget is in crisis

Turmoil sweeps the globe

25% of wild mammal species are imperiled

There’s little joy as the cost of gasoline slides

Pakistan blast targets politician; 20 die

Jobless man kills family, self

Is now a good time to panic?


Meanwhile back in Ventura…….

A sleepy beach town wakes up

“To compete for shopper’s hearts and wallets, downtown Ventura has added upscale stores and eateries, while keeping a few reminders of yesterday”.

(It’s the end of the world as we know, and we feel fine….)

“The just-opened Watermark Restaurant brings a bit of Hollywood high life to Main Street,”

(Not to mention Hollywood prices….)

“ with a dress code and valet parking, both of which had been unheard of in these parts……”

(Thankfully, until now that is…..)

O. J.’s fate

(Some good news anyway….)

And of course, it being LA:

Oscar mania’s out of control
Oscar mania causes havoc

(Like we don’t have enough to worry about already….)

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