Thursday, August 21, 2008

On the Beach


Well, the kids are back in school (as of August 19), and the tourists with their monstrous, ocean-view-blocking SUVs and RVs along old PCH have at least partically departed.

The surfers with their black wetsuits - which you never saw in the old California BEACH PARTY movies! - will always be with us, and that's OK. (The wetsuits are of course because most of the year you freeze you @** off going into the Pacific).

However, late August and the fall can sometimes be the true DAYS OF HEAVEN Out Here. Yesterday I had two extended swims in the surf and lingered with the pelicans until sunset while the tide was going out on one of my favorite remote beaches near Gaviota.

And the evening before I swam on the beach in the above photo (near Ventura) with hardly anyone else in sight.

Soon the avian winter visitors, sandpipers, godwits et al, will return as well. I always look forward to seeing them again.

So Heavenly Days On the Beach... for now.....

(But I'm also thinking of my relatives on the Atlantic coast of Florida who are experiencing terrible weather and flooding due to Hurricane Fay even as I write this).

Photo/Text COPYRIGHT 2008 by Ross Care

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