Saturday, June 21, 2008


San Onofreo

On the central coast
you do not collect shells.
Instead there are moonstones to be gathered,
and agates,
microcosmic mesas and plateaus,
lava flows,
the planet Jupiter itself.

You could live out a life on these rocks,
on this beach,
among these wavebuffed fragments
of the fragile shell of earth,
and it would be a rich life

The sun lowers,
the day hovers like a gull
on a reluctant golden closure
and the sea runs misted silverblue.

With the long twilight
comes the scent of dillgreen licorice
and the atonal submarine slurrings
of a massive
earthtoned marimba.


From: "Take That CALIFORNIA TRIP(tych)"

Poem/Photo: COPYRIGHT 2008 by Ross Care

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