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Scarlet Street cover, featuring Ross Care's article on CHINATOWN, the Film and Jerry Goldsmith's score.

Partial bibliography of Record Rack and other film and music articles by Ross Care.

Scarlet Street was a popular genre magazine created and edited by Richard Valley. It achieved quite a cult following over a decades-long run.


Care, Ross. “Dark Passages: The World of Film Noir – Some Like It Hot,” Scarlet Street, (#40, 2000) – An esay on the Billy Wilder noir comedy.

Care, Ross. “Disney Unlocks the Music Vault” Scarlet Street, (#27, 1998) – Overview of the first classic Disney Original Soundtrack CDs. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Bambi, et al.

Care, Ross. “Disney’s Unburied Treasures, DVD Reviews by Ross Care, Barry Monush, and Richard Valley” Scarlet Street, (#47, 2003) – The classic Disney animated features on DVD.

Care, Ross. “Forever Raksin: An Interview with David Raksin” Scarlet Street, (#22, 1996) – An interview with the famous composer of "the face in the misty light."

Care, Ross. “The Music of Sound: Alfred Hitchcock Rear Window,” Scarlet Street, (#37, 2000). A detailed look at the use of sound and music in the 1954 Hitchcock film. Composer Franz Waxman provided the original musical theme but a variety of other music cues were woven into the film’s total soundtrack. This article also draws on the original cue sheet for the film.

Care, Ross. “Record Rack: Adventures on Marco Polo” Scarlet Street, (#35, 1999) – The Uninvited, Adventures of Marco Polo, King Kong, Moby Dick, etc CDs of music by Victor Young, Max Steiner, Philip Sainton, and others are reviewed.

Care, Ross. “Record Rack: Bernard Herrmann on CD,” Scarlet Street, (#17, Winter 1995)

Care, Ross. “Record Rack: Chinatown, the Film and the Score,” Scarlet Street, (#24, 1997)

Care, Ross. “Record Rack: Classic Hollywood Scores on Marco Polo” Scarlet Street, (#20, Fall 1995) – Music by Hugo Friedhofer and cother.

Care, Ross. “Record Rack: Classic Musicals on DVD” Scarlet Street, (#43, 2001)

Care, Ross. “Record Rack: “Fox Renascent: The Fox CDs ” Scarlet Street, (#28, 1998)
CDs discussed: Journey to the Center of the Earth, Mephisto Waltz, Overview of the 20th Century-Fox music department.

Care, Ross. “Record Rack: Fun with Peter, Alice, and Lolita” - Scores for the Films of Disney and Kubrick” Scarlet Street, (#32, Winter 1999)

Care, Ross. “Record Rack: More Music from 20th Century-Fox on CD” Scarlet Street, (#44, 2002) – How to Marry A Millionaire, Blue Denim, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Batman: the Movie (1966), Illustrated Man, Stagecoach

Care, Ross. “Record Rack: Music for Gods, Monsters, and Bugs” Scarlet Street, (#34, 1999) - The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Psycho, Mighty Joe Young, Gods and Monsters, et al

Care, Ross,.“Record Rack: North by Northwest on CD,” Scarlet Street, (#21, Winter 1996) – A review of the complete score on Rhino CD.

Care, Ross,.“Record Rack: Portraits in Black, Music for Film Noir ” Scarlet Street, (#29, 1998)
CDs discussed: Film Noir (Stromberg/Morgan/RCA Victor CD), Double Indemnity (Koch CD), Murder Is My Beat (Rhino CD), LA Confidential

Care, Ross.“Record Rack: Rebecca, Meet Me in St. Louis, Ziegfeld Follies” Scarlet Street, (#19, Summer 1995). - CD reviews.

Care, Ross. “Record Rack: RecordWracked: Recent Scores on CD,” Scarlet Street, (#18, Spring 1995) Ed Wood, Interview with the Vampire, et al

Care, Ross,.“Record Rack: Miklos Rozsa” Scarlet Street, (#38, 2000) -

Care, Ross. Record Rack: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs & Pinocchio: the First CD Releases” Scarlet Street, (#12, Fall 1993) - Care’s first column for Scarlet Street.

Care, Ross. “Record Rack: Tony Perkins Just Sings” Scarlet Street, (#49, 2003) – The singing career and records of actor Anthony Perkins.

Care, Ross. “Record Rack: 20th Century-Fox Music on CD” Scarlet Street, (#28, 1999) – A roundup of vintage CD soundtracks from the major Hollywood studio.

Care, Ross. “Record Rack: Warner. Bros. 75 Years of Film Music,” Scarlet Street, (#31, 1999) – A review of the WB CD anthology.

Care, Ross. “Record Rack: A Wistful Longing for Horror: The Fantasy World of MGM” Scarlet Street, (#44, 2002) – Bandwagon, Brigadoon, Meet Me In St. Louis, Wizard of Oz, Ziegfeld Follies, et al

Scarlet Street, (#25, 1997) – The fantasy/horror elements of MGM musicals are mused upon.

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