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Ross Care Published Articles: BOOKS

A page from the Performing Arts Annual, Iris Newsom, Editor, Library of Congress, Washington, DC, 1986.
From the article Memoirs Of A Movie Childhood in Harrisburg’s Film Palaces
An excerpt from my recently compiled bibliography. This includes only BOOK articles:

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Ross Care Published Writing


Cartoon Music Book, The, Daniel Goldmark, Yuval Taylor, editors. A Cappella Books, Chicago, 2006
Care, Ross. Make Walt’s Music: Music for Disney Animation, 1928-1967. – An overview of music and composers at the Walt Disney Studio.

Performing Arts Annual, Iris Newsom, Editor, Library of Congress, Washington, DC, 1986.
Care, Ross. Memoirs Of A Movie Childhood in Harrisburg’s Film Palaces – “The architectural and entertainment styles of bygone movie palaces are traced from their Golden Age to their demise as parking lots and porno movies houses.”
Illustrated with movie stills from the Library’s Motion Picture Division and vintage photos from the Pennsylvania State Archives.
Theaters illustrated and discussed include LOEW’S Regent, the State, the Colonial, the Rio, the Senate, and the Penway.

Performing Arts Annual
, Iris Newsom, Editor, Library of Congress, Washington, DC, 1989
Care, Ross. Hot Spell – Alex North’s Film Score for A Streetcar Named Desire – “The score for A Streetcar Named Desire contains some of the most potent and atmospheric evocations of the America South ever heard on a motion picture soundtrack. Alex North, a Russian-Jewish composer from Chester, Pennsylvania, created it.”

Performing Arts at the Library of Congress, Iris Newsom, Editor, Library of Congress, Washington, DC, 1992
Care, Ross. Hot Spells – Alex North’s Southern Gothic Film Scores (The Sound and the Fury, The Long Hot Summer, Hot Spell, The Rose Tattoo, Sanctuary) – “Alex North’s film scores for The Sound and the Fury, and The Long Hot Summer evoke a passionate South as depicted during Hollywood’s late Golden Age, before the demise of the studio system.”

Performing Arts – Music, Library of Congress, Iris Newsom, Editor, Washington, DC, 1995.
Care, Ross. Out of This World – The Lesser-Known Cole Porter (Out of This World, The Pirate, Silk Stockings, Les Girls) – “Through his investigation of the Music Division’s collections, the author has achieved insights into Cole Porter’s creative processes by analyzing some of his lesser-known movie and Broadway productions.”

Performing Arts – Motion Pictures, Iris Newsom, editor Library of Congress, Washington, DC, 1998.
Two Articles:
Article 1.
Care, Ross. The Great (Almost) American Novel Becomes The Great American Film Score – Johnny Green’s Music for Raintree County – “Composer-author Ross Care presents an in-depth and entertaining analysis of Green’s score for the film version of Ross Lockridge, Jr.’s great American novel Raintree County."

Article 2.
Care, Ross. Twilight’s Last Gleaming The Americanization of Hollywood Film Music 1950-1965 – “Using many high quality film stills from the period as a backdrop for his essay, Ross Care describes the Hollywood studio system from 1950 to the mid-1960s – one of the most varied and brilliant periods for both filmmaking and original film scoring – and the events that led to its demise.”

Performing Arts – Broadcasting, Library of Congress, Iris Newsom, Editor, Washington, DC, 2002.
Care, Ross. Movies in the Air: Dramatized Shows in Radio’s Late Golden Age – "During the thirties and fifties movies and radio were the entertainment mediums that dominated the American imagination. Hollywood soon learned to exploit the airways and established film stars were encouraged to act in radio dramas, which led to a mutually supportive and profitable alliance and the production of programs ranging from Lux Radio Theatre to Fibber McGee and Molly.”

Wonderful Inventions: Motion Pictures, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound at the Library of Congress. Iris Newsom, editor, The Library of Congress, Washington, DC, 1985
Care, Ross. Threads of Melody: The Evolution of a Major Film Score – Walt Disney’s Bambi – From the study of two rare scores in the Music Division of the Library of Congress the author discusses the several-years development of composer Frank Churchill’s original material into the final symphonic score as arranged and refined by orchestrator Edward Plumb and a staff of Disney studio musicians. Article includes original film and production stills, composer portraits, and rare printed musical excerpts from the Library’s piano conductor’s score and the first draft manuscript score.

NOTE: A short version of this article originally appeared in The Quarterly Journal of the Library of Congress, (Spring, 1983)
Note: A bibliography of magazine articles is also forthcoming.

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