Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The FIRE This Time

Driving out of Pasadena yesterday after a tranquil day at the Huntington Musuem and Gardens I noticed that the smog seemed especially dense.

When we were on the 134 (Ventura) freeway moving west towards LA we realized it was NOT smog. About half of Griffith Park between Glendale and Burbank was on fire.

You have probably read about or seen this in the news by now.

This was not our first experience of a wildfire Out Here, but they are always terrifying.
After the column of smoke I could actually see the fires consuming the hillsides at Griffith, home of the lengendary Griffith Park Observatory and also of the LA Zoo.

There are horrifying photos in the LA TIMEs today and apparently the fire has NOT been contained due to excessively dry conditions and heavy winds.

Who'd have thought as we were enjoying the balmy breezes on the lush Huntington grounds this was happening just down the freeway?????

But that's life Out Here on the Edge....

More later if I'm up to it.


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