Friday, April 27, 2007

Speaking of bella Italia, this is an Italian poster for Ken Russell's 1975 biographical fantasia, MAHLER. This is one of Ken's best bio films, and indeed one of his best features.
The poster shows (partially!) Antonia Ellis as Cosima Wagner.
This photo was taken in Milan around the time of the original European release.
I'm a big Russell fan and wrote a feature review of his LISZTOMANIA for Film Quarterly (U. of California Press) shortly after this much maligned film was released. Someday I'd like to write about MAHLER as well.
I recently was able to track down one of Russell's rare BBC bio films, CLOUDS OF GLORY, about the relationship between Williams Wordsworth, and his sister, Dorothy.
As with MAHLER, CLOUDS OF GLORY (with David Warner as Wordsworth) was shot in England's beautiful Lake District. This short film was a real find (on VHS tape only, I believe) and was one of my most memorable viewing experiences so far this year.
Bravo, Ken!

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