Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Is Here (I Hear)

Well it's springtime in California.

It's been a very dry year so far, and so it does not promise to be a very good wildflower season. However, driving up PCH last week the magnificent sculptured hills and canyons north of Santa Barbara were green and spattered with purple lupine and the occasional golden California poppy.

I also noticed that a certain field seems to be bristling with the shoots of thistle plants which, when they were in bloom last summer, very much resembled a kind of huge lavender blue thistle I had previously seen only in Italy, around Siena in Tuscany.

I was of course thrilled to see one of the hills hear covered with with this beautiful shade of blue last year, though I have no idea how the plants got there.

Calfiornia is full of surprising and varied plantlife, at least those areas not so far plowed over for Development. Developers are working at getting at this unspoiled area, one of the last around this part of the coast, but so far they've been kept at bay.

May it be ever so (but I doubt it).

Anyway, it's SuperBeautiful this time of year, and I want to go back soon as Californians know the green will not last. (But then, what does?)

I might add that it, the coast, only gets more thrilling as you drive north towards Big Sur.

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