Monday, March 26, 2007

Everybody's bloggin'

So why can't I???? (Since nobody's truckin' anymore.....)

This is my first attempt at a blog.

Anyway, I hope to meditate on various aspects of living in the great state of California, which is a bit like living on another planet.

("Planet, schmanet, Janet....")

Also issues of music and film and how bad and supremely boring both (and everything else) have gotten over the past few decades.

(Has ANYthing interesting happened since the '60s????)

I also hope to post some photos of Out Here and Over There, meaning Europe which I still miss a lot in spite of the fact California is about as close to a European ambiance as you can get in the States (except maybe for Savannah).

As I mention I have something of an Identity Crisis: am I a composer who writes, or a writer who composes? (And does it matter, as everyone else Out Here seems to have the same problem). Anyway, it's fun trying to work it out.

More anon.

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